How to use Photo Lab in Photoshop for amazing effects – Free Download

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Photo Lab in Photoshop for amazing effects – Free Download
Photo Lab in Photoshop for amazing effects – Free Download

An expert Photoshop plugin with cutting-edge capabilities to edit your photographs like a pro without any effort on your part, the best time saver in your palm with one click apply feature, easy installable, and fully customizable outcomes to give your image a gorgeous look and modify it 360 degrees, Photo Lab uses sophisticated techniques powered by Photoshop and clever algorithms. Other more tool that you can al so download color master– smart photoshop panel.

What you need to know about How to use Photo Lab in Photoshop for amazing effects

How to use Photo Lab in Photoshop for amazing effects
How to use Photo Lab in Photoshop for amazing effects


Photo Lab provides multi tools as modes, you’ll get now 04 modes, and you’ll get more modes in the upcoming updates for free, buy now and enjoy the future additionals.

  • Basic Retouch: apply a fast retouch to your image.
  • Advanced Retouch: apply a professional retouch + advanced tools to manage it.
  • Face Tools: change the face data in your image with 01 click (AI feature powered by Photoshop).
  • Photo Filters: add a professional color grade to your image (60+ filters in 06 categories).
  • Photo Presets: apply a professional FX to your image (15 presets).
  • Document Resizer: manage your document size easily with aspect ratio and canvas.


Photo Lab comes with a huge number of components to let you use the plugin easily and smoothly without any errors

  • 03 ways to install the plugin (ZXP method – JSX method and manual method).
  • Simple and easy to use plugin panel with a modern UI design.
  • Full tutorial plugin usage (intern quick guides, PDF instructions and videos tutorials).
  • Live preview for the filters and presets (example previews).
  • 60+ filters in 06 categories (Instagram – Blacked – Film – B&W – CyberPunk – Avocado).
  • 15 ready presets easy to use and full editable.

Why Photo Lab: 

You can’t find that advanced tools in one place except in Photo Lab plugin, you’ll get an access to multi tools and items and use them to provide your images look, plus you’ll get more tools and modes in the next updates.

  • Everywhere tutorials, even inside the plugin there’s tutorials.
  • Easy to install and use the plugin, you need to dev experience.
  • Multi categories photo filters to satisfy your needs.
  • Best time saver with multi tools, presets and components.
  • Get reminder with the new updates from the plugin itself.
  • Intern shop to get the new offers and the new products.
  • Fast support if you face any issue, we will help you quickly.

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File Info:

  • Available format: .exe files
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • OS: Window
  • File Size: 463 MB
  • Download file type: Zip file
  • Support: Adobe Photoshop

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