how to create Color Scheme – graphic design | tutorial Summer Beach

in this video show you color grading tutorial learn how to up like color scheme to our images easily in Photoshop and Lightroom. You can click link below get photo to practice. #ColorScheme #howto #art #tutorial #colors

Let’s get started first open your image in photoshop and duplicate it or press CTRT + J on Window, now convert layer into smart object.

then go to filter menu and select Camera Raw filter the Camera Raw. The first import the photo then click on develop tab and follow the procedure.

Firstly, let’s modifications like highlights shadows and white etc. If you notice this histogram the image layer does not extend to the end.

now we color tone the image goes to calibration panel the RGB primary section tweaks the overall color mix in your image I want to add a quarter to sky and water.

Go to HSN panel and select hue tab I want to add little color to skin tones.
Go to saturation tab I want to add some color to her lips.

Go to luminance tab and increase Reds little bit too bright and red tones in the image.

Okay now image looks good enough but I want to lower the overall lighting it a bit. Go to tone curve tab and lower the lights.

Save these settings as a preset give over set a name to your liking and click Save.
now we can apply this preset to any photos with just one click OK.
Download Stocks: Model

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