How to Blur Background – Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Editing

Hello everyone, I will to show you about photo editing tutorial learn how to add smooth blur to your photo background easy in Photoshop.

The first open the photo you would like to working on.

Click on menu select choose select and mask tool (Alt+Ctrl+R)

I have already chosen to use on overlay mode. Take quick selection tool Click and drag the area you want to select. the quick selection tool automatically and instinctively creates a border.

Now we will want to have a look at our mask radius so click on checkbox to show radius. if you increase the radius values slightly you will see outline appearing that the edge of our mask.

In this case I will set the radius at 8 pixels if your image has both sharp and soft edge. Use the Refine Edge Brush Tool over soft areas such as hail to add details the selection when you have completed brushing the edges take subtract selection tool and delete unnecessary selections.

Finally take the decontaminate colors box to remove any color. In the output settings I almost always use new layer with layer masks then click OK button and you are done.

We successfully cut out the main subject from its background then see layer mask itself hold on Alt with click left mouse on layer mask thumbnail if we zoomed in you may notice some areas that needed some touch up.

Take soft brush and change brush blending mode to overlay, decrease values of opacity slightly and select black color and paint on areas to clean.

Now we need to remove main subject from the background to do that duplicate background layer CTRL+J.

simply select the subject using Lasso Tool. Go to Edit menu click on Fill (Shift+F5) chose content aware tool.

Deselect the selection CTRL+D, now we need to add Gaussian Blur to the layer go to filter menu clicking on Blur chose Gaussian Blur add blur radius to your preference in this case I used 50pixel.

Image looks good enough but I will add Color Lookup Adjustments to make image more beautiful. I will choose Fuji REALA 500D look to color tone the image.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you want stock photo to practice.

Download Stock: Model


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