barbecue flyer design – photoshop tutorials restaurant poster

this this tutorial shows you how to design flyer in photoshop. Ready-for-print barbecue flyer using the CMYK color system in photoshop.

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Tutorial Note

  1. Start by creating a flyer 6*8 inch with Resolution: 300 & Color Mode: CMYK.
  2. Press CTRL+R to show Rulers if they’re not.
  3. Grab a vertical and horizontal rulers to the middle.
  4. Add gradient overlay.
  5. Import icons, start positioning them as a pattern as mentioned in the video tutorial.
  6. Add barbecue, Cola & Fries. All from File>Place Embedded.
  7. Adjust the size & position of each element.
  8. Add some shadows below them. with the brush tool or any other technique you like.
  9. Using the Sonsie_One font, start writing the header text as you like.
  10. Import the “chili logo”apply blending mode darken and isolate it from its background.
  11. Draw a ribbon using the Pen Tool in the top left side of the flyer.
  12. Make a circle using the Ellipse tool and change its color to red one.
  13. Write any missing data and add some adjustment layers to your final composition.

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